Fopx For Opera and Firefox users only 




What is Fopx ? - Fopx is a kind of start page of the Internet ment only for those who are using a Mozilla Firefox or an Opera browser. 


Don`t have non of them ? - You can get Firefox from here and Opera from here.


Why Firefox and Opera ? - Because they are simply the best browsers out there. If you have tried one then you can understand what we are talking about. But if you haven`t used non of them so far  - then you have been just like a blindman in the net not in the Internet.


What are our future plans ? - Our nearest plan is to spread Fopx so that it wouldn`t be only one static page - we hope to find users to host mirror sites of Fopx, everyone can customize a start page for their own - and ofcourse to find users for this and for those mirrored Fopx sites. 


How to contact us ? - Simply via e-mail: 



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